Monday, 28 November 2016

My Very Own Wonder of the World.

I can't believe it. Its November and the end of the Stash Bee. I have really enjoyed this year and especially getting to know you all. The blocks have been fun. Yes, really. Stretching at times, but fun overall. My paper piecing and my flying geese have improved no end.

Karen's block was, to put it simply a oh my goodness block. I never thought I could do the tumbling blocks, or as I think of it, the Giant's Causeway block. Never say never, I have now added this to my list of favourite blocks.

The first block I made was a little bumpy, and working on the principle, of  "would I like to receive this?" the answer was no. Then I remembered somebody had given me some plastic templates a few years ago, and I wasn't sure what to do with them. One of them was the exact shape of diamond and the exact size.  Was I the lucky girl?

Very quickly, remarkably quickly I had two blocks for Karen in her chosen colours of navy, a cooler medium colour and a low volume text fabric. I only wish I had time to make more of these for Karen. Maybe I could make my very own Giant's Causeway! (a N Ireland Heritage site and believably, or not believably one of the wonders of the world). Samuel Johnson the 18th Century thinker did say, worth seeing but not worth going to see. And he hadn't even been there!

Thank you Karen for pushing my boundaries.
Thank you Sylvia for being such a great bee mama
And thank you Bee Mates for being such fun this year.

Helen x


  1. I appreciate how much thought and care you put into your Bee blocks, Helen. I am sure your hive mates were thankful for you this year as well!

  2. What a nice post Helen. Those tumbling blocks would push my boundaries as well.

  3. Lovely post Helen... It's great And sometimes frustrating when we try and push our boundaries... But you have done a beautiful job on the tumbling blocks, well done. 😀 Xx

  4. I agree: Never Say Never! Sometimes we have to push through something even if we are unsure.

  5. You have done y-seams? Looks very neat. Beautiful!!

  6. Wow, love your colours (shocker I know). I did not know that the name of this block is Giant's Causeway, and I had not heard of THE GC in Ireland, so thank you for the photo of that and the info, which will lead me to Google (and another vortex no doubt!) Love to learn. Glad you had an enjoyable and educational Bee experience.

  7. Helen, these are fantastic! I probably would have cried when I saw this challenge presented to me, or possibly drank until my blocks looked correct :) I have quite enjoyed watching your progress with bee blocks this year.


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