Tuesday, 1 November 2016

My Geese Are Sailing Too Close To The Sun

To mix my metaphors, rather like Mrs Malaprop, my flying geese have sailed too close to the wind.

I have been close to the wind before, but rarely, if indeed never late. I was "nearly done" the week before last. Big mistake to leave it to the end of this week, something cropped up as it seems to these days. Then I was away for the weekend and lo and behold, it was the 31 October.

Imagine the horror, it was Halloween night or All Saints Hallow or whatever way you choose to call the 31 October. The fright night caused me to scream. My flying geese had gone the way of evil. Which witch's familiar had cast this evil spell?

My geese were white, and my sky black.
My geese should have been black and my sky white.

So, I stepped away from the geese, had my tea (Slimming world beef curry recipe) and watched Hocus Pocus with my daughter. Proper family time. Today I started again and the evil spirit had gone. The geese are black and the sky is if not blue, then the correct shade of white. Strangely I saw a black cat today sitting looking in my front door window. Coincidence or what?

Cheryl asked us for 9 flying geese, 8 black geese, and 1 bright coloured goose. Either solid colours or tone on tone was ok. Still in a state of love with solids, I of course picked solids and chose a hot pink for the contrast goose. I had already decided to make Cheryl extra geese, she was very generous when it was my turn as queen Bee. Because of time restraints today, I made the contrast goose in hot pink for both flights, what was totally accidental was that the contrast was sewn in the same position!

I  have also decided to send Cheryl the wrong way round geese too. She can maybe use it in the backing.

So, these geese will be in flight across the Atlantic over the next few days to Cheryl. A little late, but hopefully useful all the same. I'm back from the dark side!

Helen x


  1. Whatever color they should be...you piecing is perfect!

  2. Flying geese, wrong or right look great.

  3. How good to have noticed the switch and put them aside for a bit. I hope Cheryl can use the reverse blocks in a fun way.

  4. How good to have noticed the switch and put them aside for a bit. I hope Cheryl can use the reverse blocks in a fun way.

  5. The wrong way geese are just as lovely as the right way geese. :) So striking with that hot pink in there. I usually give myself 3 strikes on mistakes before putting it all away, depending on the severity of the mistake of course.

  6. I would say this year you have taken the bull by the horns, but I think you have taken the goose by the bill :) I am a sucker for black white and pink, it's such a great pop of color. I'm sure Cheryl will love all of the little geese.


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