Friday, 11 November 2016

Mrs Coulter's Feeling For Snow

One of the main goals I listed in the last quarter of the Finish A Long, was to finish my Snowflake Shimmer Quilt, from Yvonne's quilt a long. I got as far as the basting, but my main priority then switched to finishing the #behemoth, which really was my main priority all along.

The weather had definitely taken a dip the last few days, there was snow in Glasgow the other day. I know, Glasgow is in Scotland, I am in N Ireland, but Glasgow is a near neighbour, just across a little bit to the right and up a bit. What they get first we follow with soon after.

We have house guests the first weekend in December, and that is my target finish date, getting ever closer. So, to make a start.

The advantage of quilting after everybody else, is that I got to see what others' have done (here). Whilst not setting out to deliberately copy one specific quilter, I'll take a little bit from everybody. I really like the way Elm Street Quilts quilted the outer parameters of her quilt, so I've borrowed that idea. I have quilted the blue in the top left corner with straight lines, 1" apart. When I do the right hand top corner, these will cross hatch nicely at the top.

I'm using the same variegated quilting thread as in #behemoth. In fact I finished that spool of YLI quilting thread, and forgot to take note of the number when I went shopping to replace it. The new thread is slightly more teal. That's ok, it will all blend in together.

 The plan was this morning to quilt this right hand corner, but I was at a Naked Wine Tasting last night and had a little lie in this morning. That's right, a naked wine tasting, but I think I was mis sold on the description. Everybody I saw had even had their coats on! We finished up having fish and chips in Michael Dean's restaurant at nearly 11pm, which seemed rather surreal. Strangely, we were able to get a table at that time of the night, the window table no less. We arrived home well after 1am and I actually thought my watch had stopped!

Helen x
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  1. You are such a party animal! It is so fun for me to see how you are quilting your Snowflake Shimmer and I look forward to seeing how the crosshatch comes together. :)

  2. Really like the idea of the cross hatch and the naked wine night sounds like great fun!

  3. You've already started this Helen. I won't be able to keep up with you unless it takes you a really long long long long time. To bad about the coats. Ha Ha.

  4. I like the idea of creating that cross hatching at the top of the quilt, it's going to look great! You mentioned that people at the naked wine testing had coats on...did anyone check to make sure that's not all they had on?? Sorry, I had to go there :)

  5. I assume they were posh fish and chips! ;)
    Quilt is looking good!

  6. Sounds like a great night....think you deserved a lie in. Love the blues and love plain fabrics so you cant go wrong with me.

  7. I can't remember the last time I stayed up that late (which makes me rather jealous!) Good luck meeting your self-imposed deadline. (Love your post title too).

  8. You are right about the quilting, I think it's perfect for the design and your quilt is looking great. I want to go out with you!

  9. Making great progress.... The quilting looks fabulous and the cross hatching that will result sounds perfect! Glad to hear you had an nice night out!

  10. I smiled thinking of you eating fish and chips at 11 am at night, and getting the window seat no less! This snowflake quilt is looking so pretty! I like the criss-crossing idea that will happen in the corners. Also, curious: does your weather usually come from the east?


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