Thursday, 6 October 2016

We Have Not A Finish, But A Top

It has been a fairly quiet week here on the sewing front. I have just this link up, basting, not even sewing.

 I have been scrap booking like a good one. I  made 5 double spread pages this week, that's really 10 pages. For me, that is some achievement, well for anybody that is some achievement. Wedding photos and family photos, particularly of my dad and us. I was particularly pleased to find I had two photos of my nephew playing rugby and of my dad playing rugby 65 years earlier. The photos were so similar but 65 years apart. But I digress.

My other crafty stuff this week, was finishing knitting my shawlette and basting my Snowflake Shimmer Quilt in Yvonne's  quilt a long. You see, to quilt a largish quilt takes a lot of organisation. Yvonne described this as a large lap quilt. In America everything as we know is bigger. I think I'll probably throw this over the bed. My table for basting is my sewing room/utility room/wine cellar room/keep fit equipment room, and general junk room. To baste the quilt I had to clear off all my sewing projects, my sewing machine, a ton of scrapbooking stuff, some family history "important stuff" and a ton of photos. You get the picture. It took me a whole afternoon. One only gets away unscathed with basting on the "good" table once.

The quilt sandwich came together very easily. I  have a really good feeling about this quilt. I've flicked it over the back and there don't seem to be any big lumps or bumps I can't deal with. I used my new box of curved pins, then took all the pins out of the #behemoth. The good news is the #behemoth didn't fall apart, good news on the quilting front. The Snowflake Shimmer is now quilted to within an inch of its life. I think I am going to quilt straight lines from left to right across the blue fabric and detail in the white and turquoise contrasts. I had bought some blue through to white Aurifil thread and was going to use it. It is the red core though and I see that is really hand embroidery, I should have got the 40 or 50 weight. I'm a bit of a novice at Aurifil, I just usually use ordinary cotton or Guetterman quilting thread.

I love how the back of this quilt looks already. I am glad this one is for me. We are having people to stay in December, so I have to get this finished. I would like to thank Yvonne for this great quilt a long. It has been fun to sew and especially as I "know" some of the others who are taking part. Even though I haven't quilted mine, I consider this as a finish for me!

Do you like the sneak peak of my dresser? It belonged to my husband's grandmother. She died long before he was born but it has passed along to me. Not us, to me. My husband's cousin kept his motor bike parts in it and passed it to me. Not us, to me! It took me ages to scrape the paint and grime off it. My husband and his mum both offered to buy me a new dresser, but I persevered and now we all love it. I have since discovered it isn't an actual dresser, but a set of drawers with a mismatched cupboard on top. Doesn't matter, I love it just the same.


Helen x
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  1. It could definitely be a bed quilt, but after a good wash I assumed with shrinkage there wouldn't be much drape hence my calling it a large lap quilt, haha. I am so glad you quilted along with me!

  2. Lots of crafty goodness going on at your house! Love the top! Absolutely adore the 'dresser'!

  3. Well done Helen... love the stories that have gone with the pics. I too, love that old things are passed through the family😀 you are doing a sterling job on all things 'crafty' , such a busy lady. I am waiting for some yarn to start my first ever knitted shawl, although think I will have to forgo sleep to fit it in with all the other things I have on the go. This early retirement lark is such a challenge lol. Hugs xx

  4. I too have just finished a top and not quilted yet so I feel like I am in good company reading your update! Love the dresser!

  5. It has been fun quilting along together. You've been busy this week.

  6. Your mismatched dresser is perfect! I'm on tenterhooks now, waiting for you to get to the end of two quilts! I guess it might be like buses - all coming at once.

  7. Hi Helen: The back of the Snowflake Shimmer is lovely. I haven't even decided what to put on the back of mine. Perhaps we will get ours done together...but possibly not as I have yet to start.

  8. You go, Helen! Between both of us over here, neither of ours is really basted to a degree that we could start quilting. Good luck with Yvonne's link up party, I'm rooting for you!


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