Thursday, 13 October 2016

Three Go Hitch Hiking

No, don't worry, I am not living dangerously and ignoring all sensible advice, but I did go on a hitch hiking adventure with two other friends.

What's the question? Not Sure. But I do know the answer.
"The Answer To The Ultimate Question In Life, The Earth , The Universe And Everything" is according to Douglas Adams, "42".

And 42 are the number of teeth knitted in this Hitchhiker Shawl.
Confused? No, you shouldn't be.

Over the last month or two I had seen a few Hitchhiker Shawls knitted. The shawl is designed by Martina Behm and can be found for paid download in Ravelry. Its not very expensive to download and great fun to knit. It takes a ball or so of 4ply, sock wool is great.

Two bloggy friends, Ali from Crazy Dazy Knits, @crazydazyknits on instagram and Lorraine, @lola2038 on instagram and I decided to have a little knit a long. We called ourselves #3gohitchhiking and periodically posted photos of our progress.

And here, with their permission, are the results!

Ali: Isn't Ali's photo beautifully styled. I did try that with mine, but not as successfully.

Lorraine, who is nearly, nearly finished. You can see the teeth!

and yours truly.

(excuse the unironed t shirt)
 (I really do need to look at my styling)
It was fun to knit together, albeit virtually. I could pass either Ali or Lorraine in the street and not know them, and we all live in the one small country. Maybe I would recognise them by their hitchhiker shawl. If either of them fancy a knit a long again, I would love to do it again! In fact I have my next project all lined up, a scarf pattern and wool I bought in Philadelphia last Easter, and my daughter has decided to knit a garter stitch scarf along with me.
I will leave you with this gorgeous little baby hat. My stateside son's girlfriend crocheted this. And its just as sweet in real life as it is in the photo.

Helen x


  1. How fun to do the project together, and now I understand the hashtag you were using!!! <3

  2. It was great going on our hitchhiker the crocheted hat.

  3. I'm in awe of anyone who can knit something more complicated than a square. I would LOVE to be able to make one of these! All of them are gorgeous, and it's that time of year when you just want something up around your neck to be cozy. I'd say you're ready for fall in style, and put a jacket over the un-ironed shirt. Who has time to iron?

  4. Love the pics. The shawls are all amazing and yes who does have time to iron when more creative things beckon lol. Looking forward to more pics 😀 I am waiting for circular needles so I can start my Spindthrift Shawl... from Curious Handmade... it's a free pattern from her site. Xx

  5. I can't knit for toffee but projects like this always make me wish I too could just knock out a quick shawl. It's lovely.


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