Sunday, 2 October 2016

Not Last Week, But This Week

You're not imagining it. This post looks rather similar to last Sunday's post.  I have finished piecing the backing of my Snowflake Shimmer Quilt. I didn't have to go shopping, I shopped in the attic and found some bits and pieces of blue fabrics to fill in the shortfall. Some slightly different toned blue Rose and Hubble spot. Told you I had it in nearly every colour! Some lovely blue circle fabric, can't  remember the name and another little bit of the blue and white star fabric. So this week's stash in, stash I had forgotten about but am pleased to be reacquainted with, which very quickly became stash out.

I patched these up together and then added a final strip of blue klona and turquoise kona. The blue klona is bought locally and is slightly heavier cotton fabric than its better known sister. The turquoise is the fabric from the front. The plan is to get it basted and linked up with Yvonne before Friday. As I said before, it wont be quilted, I have other quilting to do. I do have the thread, a nice random blue and white toned Aurifil thread. I don't use Aurifil thread much, not available locally and too expensive. This means I'm not sure if it is quilting thread or sewing thread, but that's the plan anyhow. I think I will quilt straight lines across the quilt and some detail in the snowflakes.

In the meantime I have been quilt wrangling again. I have been continuing to quilt my squares on the #behemoth. I have a 12" square and basically I have marked the four corners with pins and quilted the outline of the square. The squares overlap within each other. As you can imagine, I have lots done around the outside but not so many in the bulky centre. The reverse sewing button has been useful here.

As the placement of the quilting has been quite random, I really need to lay it out and see "what needs done". I am cautiously hopeful I may be near completion. I'm not going to hold my breath though.

In between I have been continuing with my knitting. Did I tell you? Myself and two IG "friends" have been collaborating on a shawl knit a long. It is weird, we all live locally but have never met, yet get on in the tiny world of a phone screen. I have also been doing some scrapbooking. I am making a scrapbook for the happy couple, married in August past, and also scrapping  some long over due family photos. I should be working in the garden. I do love gardening, I need to get some bulbs.

Helen x
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  1. Wow Helen: You have been busy. The Behemoth is coming along nicely...and I'm glad you've found enough fabric to piece a back for the Snowflake Shimmer.

  2. The backing for your Snowflake Shimmer looks great! I love all the different hues of blue and think it will be super fun to use either side. And way to go on the Behemoth. Fingers crossed you are farther along than you expect. :)

  3. Love all the blue tones in your interesting backing. Don't envy your task quilting the behemoth. Ive nearly finished the shawl....hoping to post photos on IG soon.

  4. Love all the blue tones in your interesting backing. Don't envy your task quilting the behemoth. Ive nearly finished the shawl....hoping to post photos on IG soon.

  5. Just love the backing, but you know how I do adore all things blue. That is going to be one oh-so-interesting quilt back, just the way I like 'em! Not envying you quilt-wrangling...

  6. Both such lovely quilts - I love a nice pieced back, and can't wait to see the Behemoth done, so I hope you are nearer the end than you think (though in my experience it's usually further off than I hope, not closer).

  7. Getting there! Looking forward to the big reveal!


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