Friday, 14 October 2016

Mr Cool, and Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot - Ta Da

We have a finish! We had a finish at the end of August, I just haven't blogged about it. Hinted about it but not blogged about it. You see, timing and organisation was never my strong point and apparently when you blog about a finish is of prime importance. You want maximum exposure, not a time when readers are off doing other things. I don't have a regular  timetable for blogging, Sunday is Sunday Stash, Monday is Main Crush Monday. Apparently Friday is Thank Goodness Its Finished Friday, but I have been busy the last few Fridays. Yes, I know, you can schedule publications. This is hosted by a different quilter each Friday. This week it is the turn of The Carpenter's Daughter Who Quilts.


We have a finish! We have two finishes both together!

Way back in 2014 I joined my first bee. It was MQI (modern quilters Ireland) and I picked a really bold and more importantly, easy block for my first tutorial. I had earlier seen this in the Bee Blessed blog and it really appealed to me. By 2015 I had all my blocks in. The MQI is quite relaxed! The plan was always to divide them into two and make enough extra blocks myself to make quilts for our sun loungers in the garden. You see, I don't like the rough feel of the canvas coverings against my little toes and heels. I tend to put a quilt under my delicate little tootsies. I was all for simply dividing the blocks into two equal piles. Enter my style directors. My niece was up to visit and likes to be creative at Auntie Helen's house. Out came all the blocks. The niece and the daughter decided they were better divided into hot and cold colours, and Mr Cool and Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot were born. I was a little worried about writing blogposts about Mrs Hot. It might drive up my visitor numbers but under a false impression! I'm at that hot, hot, hot stage, so Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot it was.

Of course Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot was finished first. In fact it may have been finished in 2015. I promised faithfully Mr Cool would be soon after. The months went past. A whole year went past. As mentioned before, for some inexplicable reason my husband will not take ownership of something until it is completely finished. I was happy for him to use it before it was bound. I was more than happy for him to use it before all the ends were sewn in. But no, he just says, take it away and bring it back when its finished. He knows me too well. When I looked at the back of Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot none of the underneath threads were sewn in! Here it is sneaked out, but not bound.

My promised delivery date was this summer. So, on the last day of summer, the August bank holiday, the quilt was formerly handed over. Luckily we had a great September, so he did get some use of it.

Here are a few more gratuitous photos of the finishes.

And Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot in beside the hot colours, our fuschias and lilies.

And Mr Cool beside the hydrangea and the white roses.
Even Ronald our wooden head approves.

And a quilt is not just for summer. They have migrated into the living room, over the back of the sofa. His and hers matching quilts for the cold nights watching tv, and occasionally shared with  a daughter.

We planted up our cyclamens in our auricular theatre, or more commonly called "the Wardrobe". Everybody needs a little Narnia in their life. The sun was shining and Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot just seemed to calling to go into the garden again.

Thanks to everybody in that first ever bee. And thanks to Cindy who asked me to join. Just breathe she said. Well, I breathed and I survived to tell the tale.

Helen x
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  1. I think it is so awesome that you ended up with enough blocks from the bee to make two quilts. They are a lovely matching set and congratulations on the finish! My guess is that the quilts will get much use regardless of the season. :)

  2. Fashionable late, I say, is better than never! I love seeing both of these quilts together. They just belong together, like a great quilting love story.

  3. Hoya Helen: I love the photo where you have the ends tied around your heads and I'm glad Ronald a matter of fact I'm glad Ronald has a name. Thanks for sharing more photos of the hottest or is it the coolest couple around and thanks for making me laugh, as always.

  4. So much fun to read this story Helen. Naming of the quilts was brilliant and the situational garden pics are fab. Well done and yes 'better late than never' . Sure hubby has given you the seal of approval on his quilt now too.😀 Xx

  5. Congratulations on your proper,hubby-approved finish. These look so great - together and apart and I love your garden shots, especially Ronald and the Wardrobe.

  6. Lovely finishes, great backing fabric! Wish it was still available. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to timetables for blogging. I just can't keep up! I post when the spirit strikes.

  7. These are great! I love the name Mrs. Hot Hot Hot! And love the garden photo too!

  8. Those are some fun quilts. I joined a bee in which everyone made an X block for my month. It was lots of fun putting it together. I imagine that you had a great time playing with the boy/girl antics of these fun quilts. I like the names the names, too. I guess when a gal gets to "that" age, "hot hot hot" just has to be funny!

  9. I'm so happy that Mr Cool and Mrs Hot Hot Hot (and, yes I know all about being hot hot hot too!) are finished and being used and loved side by side! Well worth the wait ☺

  10. Great that you had enough to make matching quilts. I love the names!

  11. These are two great finishes!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing Mr.Cool and Mrs.Hot,Hot,Hot. I have always loved that quilt block design as well. Too cute of story.Many of us ladies can relate to the hot,hot,hot. We had our first hard freeze last week,so scrambled to add extra quilt to the bed. Now today it is back up to close to 80. So off the quilts go again,but will need them later this week. lol I love that backing print. I have never managed to visit an IKEA yet. It was one of my Mom's favorite places. Thanks for linking up with this week's TGIFF.


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