Thursday, 6 October 2016

Finish A Long, The Final Quarter 2016

I missed joining up with the 3rd Finish A Long of the year and listing my goals. We were in France for the Euros, sez she blasé. Too much drinking wine and watching football and pfft, the link up was over before I knew it.

If I had taken part, I would have surely listed three things, Mr Cool, Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot and the #behemoth, the quilt formerly known as the Coulter Wedding Quilt. Since then I have finished but not blogged the finished Mr Cool, and Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot. This leaves the #behemoth or quilt formerly known as Coulter Wedding Quilt.

So, here is my finish a long list for the 4th Quarter in the Finish A Long 2016, with Helen of Archie the Wonder Dog as my UK host.

1 #behemoth or the quilt formerly known as Coulter Wedding Quilt
    quilting is nearly finished, ends to be sewn in and bound

2 snowflake shimmer quilt
   basted already, needs quilted and bound

3 knit Portfolio scarf from Loop Knits, Philadelphia last Easter
  not even started, but enjoyed knitting my hitchhiker scarf, so keeping up the momentum

4 plus cross quilt, stash bee hive 6 2016
   bit of a long shot, won't happen. The red and white plus squares would be a great Christmas quilt

here's hoping! There was one more thing I thought last night, I must include that in my list, but when I woke up this morning I couldn't remember. Ah well, I probably wouldn't have finished whatever it was anyhow.

Helen x

linking up with Finish A Long 4th quarter 2016 with Archie The Wonder Dog


  1. haha I love the faith you have in yourself Helen!!! :)
    the wedding quilt is wonderful...just love those colours!

  2. Great works in progress! I love the wedding quilt you are working on.

  3. It's a long list....the Behemoth is looking amazing.

  4. It's a long list....the Behemoth is looking amazing.

  5. I think you stand a good chance of crossing everything off your list this quarter...I'm rooting for you! I really want to see those pluses come together...I've been crushing on your blocks as you have showed them to us.

  6. Great projects on your list. I agree the Behemoth is looking great and I am curious how the crosses will look together. So sending you lots of motivation to finish a lot of your projects!

  7. I think this is a very doable list. Good luck Helen.

  8. Love the colours in Behemoth, it's a great list Helen, lots of luck.


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