Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Crushing on Blowing Bubbles

Now I have finished the #behemoth, I know, a couple more loose threads, and two or three more bits of quilting. As I was saying, now I have finished the #behemoth apart from photographing and blogging.

Anyway, as I was saying, now I have finished the #behemoth, I can have a look around at some of my other projects. Oh yes, I am a woman of many parts. Way back in January I signed up to #bubblebee2 organised by Celine and designed by Aylin-nilya These bubble blocks are basically a new format of log cabin blocks, foundation pieced and positioned to form a circle. Easy. In reality, they are FOUNDATION PIECED and use teeny tiny pieces of fabric to make the logs. The hardest part is matching up the four blocks to make the circle and ensuring they meet the 15 1/2" target.

To date I have received 9 blocks, well, received 8 blocks and made 1 myself. I think this is my "main crush" for this week.

I will introduce you to my block, its the top right hand block. The one not sewn together, that has the paper still attached and is delicately tinted with spilled coffee. Left like this deliberately .... Well, left that way in a fit of self loathing and disgust originally. Now I have left it until I see all the blocks in total. When I unpick the coffee strips, I might "float the bubble" to the left or right or centre it. All technical terms.   Depending on width and position of the final strips, the bubble can be left in the centre, a sort of bubble vanilla.  The bubble block can be vanilla or moved around the block depending on the position of the outside blocks.

The finished size of the block is to be 15 1/2". I wish I had realised that it was not written in stone. The first few blocks I made, came up slightly shy of the size. I unpicked and resewed, alternatively swearing under my breath and blinking away the tears. As for the ones I have received a little shy, that's ok, I can sew another bit on the side. Que Sera, Que Sera.

I have a plan for this quilt. I have 2 more blocks to come, hopefully. There has been a high drop out rate in this bee, probably because they seem to be difficult to do. Honestly, the more you make, the easier they get. Anyhow, 2 more blocks will make 11 blocks in total. I think that a grid of 4 x 4 blocks will make a nice size. That will be about 60" square or so before quilting. That leaves 5 more blocks for me to make, or maybe persuade someone to swap an extra block. And I have seen the perfect backing fabric in the local Aladdin and his genie fabric shop. Anybody local knows the one I mean. It is a cheaper version of the skull candy fabric I have seen used elsewhere. Will be perfect for backing this, and of course a spot for the binding. The front is so understated, I think it can cope with a fun backing.

And here is a block I finished earlier, the block for Brandy this month which will be winging its way across the ocean soon.

And the block from last month for Laura, which winged its way across last month.

Next year I think I will be concentrating on specific swaps, quilt a longs  and finishing up wip rather than bees. Think how much money I will save in postage!

Helen x
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  1. Postage savings could be quite significant. I admire international participants in bees for how generous and willing they are to ship overseas so often. I really like your bubble blocks. You don't think that just waiting and washing your quilt when it is finished will remove the spilled coffee?

  2. What a fantastic variation of the log cabin. I love these blocks!

  3. Love it Helen, this will look fab when it is done.keep going 😀 xx

  4. Such pretty and ambitious blocks! What a fun twist on the Log Cabin! So beautiful!

  5. Bees are fun but it does get expensive if your beemates are in the US! I love these bubbles, it's such a clever twist on a log cabin. Maybe you should dip your whole block in coffee and pretend you meant it to be that colour all along.

  6. Love these blocks! I say bring on the teensy pieces in paper piecing. That's why I love it so. And your blocks (both to keep and give away) are wonderful. I would say keep the coffee stain. It tells a story. And you could strategically spill more around the quilt to carry the theme!

  7. love this quilt Helen! And the backing is perfect! My eldest daughter loves those skulls, for Dios de something or other, right? I love Log Cabin blocks but like you, swear and cry alternatively when they seem to be so often 'just' short...Yay for 1/8" seams here and there on the last one I did! Funny you say that about concentrating on WIPs and no bees, not that I ever entertained any notion of joining in to a bee, nope, but I have been thinking I need to buckle down and focus on my stash and WIPs in 2017.

  8. Oh no. This circular log cabin quilt is on my wish list. And now you have just made me ache for it. Your blocks are so pretty.

  9. This is lovley. I made 1 blocks ages ago and think it has such a fun effect in a quilt. I try not to think about the postage, rather think about keeping our postie in a job with all the purchases as well as the blocks posted. Somehow the first type outweighs the second!

  10. I'm a big fan of log cabin and just love the bubble blocks....its amazing how they look ......well circular really...the clue is in the title


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