Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life

Nearly there. Just one day to go to the  Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life bloghop.

I'm day one, no pressure then. My effort is called Helen Goes Walking.

Come back tomorrow to visit me and then visit all the others taking part, Sandra, Julie, Tish, Anja and plenty more talented quilters. I'm wondering how I snuck in amongst them. Maybe they'll catch me on.

In fact, go visit Sandra and Julie now and they'll explain what its all about.

ps if you need me I'll be hiding under the duvet.


  1. Come out from under that duvet, woman! You have every right to be amongst us!! Your heart quilt inspired me to make one for my Gillian! Your DOLLS are to die for. Your creativity is incredible...the stuff you dream up for swaps is are soooo gifted, and I love ya!

  2. I want to be hiding as well...I hate winter!! When will the sun and warm weather come back????


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