Thursday, 7 February 2019

Post Christmas Austerity

There is always a period of post Christmas austerity. The time for that is generally January, I got me the January Blues I suppose is where that comes from. At the minute I am concentrating on my Economy Square quilt, less to do with frugality, and more about trying to finish things up. Spring Cleaning in the sewing department I suppose. How do you think Mrs Hinch would tackle that? For those who don't know, Mrs Hinch is a british you tube sensation. Apparently she enjoys cleaning, buying cleaning products. Names all her cleaning products and dusters etc and records herself cleaning. And has a huge following which has in turn made her very wealthy! Go figure! I am afraid that generation has passed me buy!

Back to my metaphorical spring cleaning. I like to try in the New Year to finish up some projects. Give myself some head space before I jump into new things. It is the guilt thing. All that fabric going to waste, just sitting there. I am going to a Kaffe Fassett workshop in March in my local guild. It is using an obscene amount of fabric, so I need to balance the scales a little. Use a bit up before I bring in the new. I need not add, I will not be participating in the obscenity of riches in the Kaffe department. I have my collection of fat quarters, neatly filling a fabric 1 hr basket. My friend has similar, and we will bluff the rest. How much fabric can it take to fussy cut one quilt? Anyhow, I digress. Back to my Economy Squares.

A number of years ago, my daughter in law, then my son's girl friend knew the way to my heart. For that Christmas she subscribed me to a charm club in Japanese kokka fabric. For a full calendar year, every month a little  pack of charm squares dropped through the letterbox. It was quite exciting to see which fabrics were coming. I sat on these for a while, as you do. I enjoyed looking at them for a whole year or so, then I decided to make some economy squares.

I thought economy squares would show the differing squares off to their best advantage. I surrounded each square with a patterned fabric which complemented rather than contrasted the square. This was then surrounded with another complimentary plain kona cotton. I made quite a few. Then I stopped. Periodically they came out and went on to my Finish A Long list. In fact, they are on the current list. That was as far as it went.

I was having a hoke, as we say here, and came across them again. I was thinking they would be a great I spy or Tell Me A Story quilt for the my grandson. The son of the daughter in law who bought me these. And this comes full circle.

 I finished another 5 squares yesterday, and laid them all out to have a look.

I have another 4 blocks designated to fall into place

. I will need a couple more, there are still some remaining squares of flowers etc. It will all fall into place. Last Christmas I cherry picked some of the squares to make some fabric blocks for my grandson. I put a rattle thing in them and they have given him a lot of fun. If I get my act together, and finish this whilst he is still of an age to play with the blocks, it will all come together nicely. He still stacks the two blocks and knocks them over. No doubt he will soon be kicking them around the room like a football.

Since drafting this blog post I have cut and started to stitch the remainder of the blocks . My computer is playing that game of "silly b*ggers" so this blog post is quitting when it's ahead !


  1. That is a sweet story of the fabric you are using for the economy blocks. I am sure your grandson will treasure the quilt.

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  3. Lovely squares; this is going to be such a fun quilt for the little fellow!

  4. Coming full circle, how nice is that. I'm sure your grandson will enjoy them.

  5. It has come perfectly full circle. What a perfect way to think on both your daughter-in-law and grandson!

  6. Mrs. Hinch can come to my house to clean!! ☺ I hope you enjoy the workshop with Kaffe. I met him once when he did a lecture here.


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