Friday, 3 June 2016

Are You Never Done Yet?

It feels as if I have been blogging about my lovely red blocks for an age. Am I never done yet? As the bored child says. Well, this is the last until I start to put them together. I have four more blocks to show you and thank . Well, I have thanked already, but acknowledge blogwise.

Cheryl, who is on ig as @1strongcheryl sent me these great blocks. I love the maths fabric in the centre of the black one. This will zing out in the finished quilt.

Next up is Carolyn, who was queen bee for May. Carolyn sent these great blocks . There is a lovely subtlety about these red blocks.

Next up is Laura who is queen bee for June and has her own version of a plus square, a plus within a plus. I love this, I love things within things. The tidiness of that appeals to my inner sense of ordered- though you wouldn't think that when you look at my work space. Laura blogs at . Another great name for a blog. Again another fantastic black square. I will love the occasional black square amongst the red. And look at the little dinky cups and saucers in the red one

 Last to show you, and not by any means least is Jenifer's block. Jennifer blogs at . I love the little red and white flags in this, I presume they are maritime flags. They look rather jolly anyhow.

Lots of people sent me extra fabric which I was very touched by. It was very kind and unexpected. They were all most generous. This has been a great bee. I hope we make some long lasting "penfriends" from it.

And my good fortune has continued. I won prize in a blog draw by Sandra, www.musingsofamenopausalmelon for the latest book doing the rounds. And I was lucky enough to get a fantastic parcel from Lucy, www.thecharmaboutyou .More about that on Sunday stash. And the box of Cotton and Steel fabric I bought, not in the least encouraged by Sandra my enabler!

Helen x

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  1. Never tire of reading about the blocks. We are quilters after all. Congratulations on your winnings!


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