Thursday, 6 November 2014

Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think, Enjoy Yourself While You're Still In The Pink

"Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think,
enjoy yourself while you're still in the pink,
the years go by as quickly as a wink,
enjoy yourself,
it's later than you think"
I was going to say these are the immortal words of Prince Buster but Mr Google tells me it is some bloke called Guy Lombard. Well, last night in Belfast it was sung by the Specials as men in their 50s jumped up and down making lots of sweat and "bad" smells. And this sums up why it is two weeks since I last blogged, no, I am not dreadfully ill or anything - I have just been enjoying myself.
In the last three weeks I have been to four concerts, had three meals out and tonight I go to a wine tasting. In between I have fitted in going to work and a little sewing, and maybe a little housework. Definitely no exercise though.

Two of the concerts were in Queen's Student Union. Now, quite a long time since I last frequented the Mandela Hall in QUB. When I was last there, the Mandela Hall was the McMordie Hall, Nelson Mandela was still on Robben Island and there was no need to screw down the seats in the toilets (?) (seriously, what is that all about?) We saw Old Crow Medicine Show and then Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Both were brilliant. But, there was no need to worry about the students, there were no students. I don't know if either band thought that odd, but it was rather strange to see a students' union bereft of students. Maybe they go elsewhere or maybe they take their washing home on a Saturday night.

The last couple of weeks were a bit ropey in work, so as usual a little of internet shopping therapy helped with that. A little fabric to  help out with my Bee blocks, a little fabric just for fun and quite a lot of Carolyn Freedlander's lovely Doe fabric. I love the architectural slant of this fabric and the subtlety of the colours. I'm thinking along the lines of big plus or squares within squares, something like that.

some fun fabrics from Fluffy Sheep Quilting
love this, would a cushion for my dad be tactless?

One last purchase is for the rainbow charm swap run by Cindy and Irina. I am in Irina's group and was allocated yellow. I duly ordered my two yellows but they are both very similar toned, not light and dark as I had hoped. So, off to the local quilt shop and got a darker yellow which hopefully is ok. I am looking forward to seeing all the bright rainbow colours I get in return.

first go
second, more successful go

I really enjoyed sewing the bookshelf blocks for Tomomi of Slaney Handcraft. Tomomi wants a huge wallhanging of a bookcase for her family room. I enjoyed it that much I made 3 squares rather than the 2 we normally do. I did ladies accessories, insects and the seaside.

I have also been beavering away at the rugby quilt for my nephew. It is now pinned and ready for quilting. Thank goodness. Everytime I thought I had enough squares, it seemed I needed a few more.

The big plus quilt for my stateside son is coming along too. I scrapped what I had made before and just started again.This was much better, except I have now run out of the blue klona. I toyed with the idea of doing 2 corners in black, but will wait and buy some more blue.

My maple leaf quilt is coming along nicely too. Again, I thought I had more or less enough squares done, but no. I have made more or less the same number again. Why, as the daughter of an accountant, is my maths gene so pathetic? Every time this happens, I am totally shocked. Five more squares should do it, they are finishing up at about 15" each.

One last thing I have been doing has been loads of fun. I finally decided to make use of my dormant instagram account. Loads of fun, one I worked out how to use it, sort of. You can find me under "@helenmidgetgemquilts". Come check me out.

Helen x


  1. Do you know I have frequented the Mandela quite a few times in recent years (my son was in General Fiasco). The thing that got me was the sticking to the floor, best to keep moving! ;)
    Nothing like a bit of fabric shopping to make things better, is there!
    Right I'm off to find you on IG.
    V x

  2. Glad you have been having the bookcase blocks..they're super!

  3. The Specials are brilliant in concert - even with sweaty men. Envious of your Doe stash addition. What a haul!:-)

  4. so busy! Love the fabric purchases especially the matchsticks and ladies accessories block is fab!

  5. You have been busy! I can't remember when I went for a concert last time. County woman now :) Thanks for the blocks. Love the seaside one most.


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