Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stand Up For The Ulster Men - Yet Again

Time for a review of what I am doing here, I am trying to put twiddly bits on my blog, the little links and icons that make it more interesting. Very very slowly, I may have to get daughter help here. I have also registered with Instagram. Turns out I registered years ago, judging by the id photo. Now, I don't know how to add photos, fairly critical or link up to myself here. These things will come. In time. Yet in work, we are always being pushed to show and help folks with emails, particularly older people, and in the library world that means the over 50s. Gosh.

I have realised now that my Ulster Rugby quilt is now a year old, that's a year in production. Getting near the home stretch. There have been great changes in Ulster Rugby over the last year, new coach, and so many players gone I won't begin to name them (that really means I couldn't, but keep on bluffing). And this quilt is still  not finished, thankfully the nephew is even more rugby obsessed and doesn't know about this anyway. Just have to finish putting the strips together, baste, quilt and bind. There, I told you, nearly finished.

Mmmm just measured such quilt against daughter's bed, nice overhang but way too short. Why do I keep thinking I have enough squares when I clearly don't. I am now unpicking 5" black squares from the abandoned big plus quilt for my stateside son. I am so running out of black kona but time to buy more is time could be spent sewing. And I have Slimming World this morning, a MacMillan coffee morning in work tomorrow morning and a lunch date for scampi and chips with a friend after that.

My bee squares for September are starting to filter in. I got four lovely squares, quite springtime from Cindy, or as she put it "Easterish". Very nice. And then I got four beautiful squares from Tomomi. These are beautiful and Tomomi very kindly added in a little bag she made me. Simply one word, gorgeous. It has been much admired by everybody in the house. And Erin has posted her squares on Flickr so I know they will be winging their way here soon.

Tomomi top row, Cindy  middle and mine bottom

my photo of Tomomoi's bag really doesn't do it justice. It is understated and thing of beauty.

My knitting is coming along nicely, if slowly too, but makes a boring photo. Knitting seemed to grow much faster and hurt the shoulders much less 30 years ago. That's all I have to say.

My EPP of Liberty fabrics is soldiering on too. Four and bit completed hexagons. I had been thinking along the lines of architectural hexie links but have gone back to white now. No doubt I will change my mind again.

As the gardening season comes to a close, here is our tomato haul. Fried green tomatoes anyone?

Helen xx


  1. If its any consolation Helen my Munster Rugby shirt is one of the old Bank of Ireland ones so it's ancient! I'm on blogger too so if there is anything I can help you with let me know. Love how the wonky crosses is turning out!

  2. All your projects are looking great.....particularly like the sleeveless cardi.....cant wait to see that finished. Very nice kitchen by the way!


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