Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Le Challenge - Bright

Bright - mmmmmm- no competition of what to do, but it does take some explanation.

Our daughter was born in 1990 and she was born full term, well a week early but trust me that week makes no difference. Our first 2 children are twins and were born rather dramatically at 30 weeks and 3 days. If you have never seen a baby born that early it can be a bit of a shock. But that is story for a different day. Suffice to say when Hazel was born my first uttering was "she looks like a baby". The nurse responded what did you expect her to look like ? The second thing said, by her dad was "look at her bright eyes". Hazel was in the scales basket and her hands gripped on the sides, her head turned to look at us/the light/the noise (we think it was at us) and we both said at the same time "look at her bright eyes".

Fast forward a few hours and "she" was called Hazel, after her late grandmother. It was also a little different from the run of the mill of girl's names at that time. Chris, our friend, told her daughter Alex that the new baby was called Hazel and Alex automatically said
 "BRIGHT EYES like Hazel the rabbit"
At that time Watership Down was very popular and the Art Garfunkel soundtrack from the film had been a hit.

So Bright Eyes she was. Hazel is now 23 and when I saw Alex last year she asked if Hazel still had her bright eyes, and yes she does.

Just one problem, we could never watch Watership Down as Hazel the rabbit was a scraggy old rabbit who died. We and Hazel preferred to think of Bright Eyes as a Peter Rabbit type rabbit. It was years before she came home from school and said "you told me Hazel was a cute bunny rabbit, he's not. " Thankfully she was of an age to understand but the tears flowed as we watched the movie.

So........BRIGHT............ bright eyes it is and a rabbit pin cushion it became. I don't have a pin cushion, so useful as well as decorative, hopefully.

Hazel and I were in Edinburgh over the weekend so it was started in Edinburgh airport. Security didn't seem to mind my darning needle I used for embroidery but the girl in Belfast International airport did go daft because my very small bag of Clarins sample sizes, not even travel sizes, was a fold over bag and not sealable. Apparently I had to pay £1 for a new bag or go right the way outside the whole system again to get change to get a bag. GRRRRR.  I never break the rules, I am a good girl, law abiding and I don't bust the system, I just made a mistake. And my bag was nearly empty.
My mother would have a fit from beyond the grave to see me embroidering with a darning needle, but I didn't want to lose it, and that is only a little break the law bringing a needle.

happy times in Edinburgh airport

We had a great time in Edinburgh, sunburnt whilst walking head down into a headlong wind! I love Edinburgh, we nearly nearly saw the pandas and the lovely man in the Scottish record office advised me I had so much info already I would be wasting my £15 to go in to make my search. I wanted to look up 3 specific records, and he advised me to look up online at home and only pay the download fee and not the £15 if that was all I was looking up. £15 towards coffee and cake in Harvey Nicks. mmm


We made up a little non rhyming non scanning poem in the zoo. We got to the very panda gate and they closed the pandas because there was a chance they may breed. Great for baby pandas and not so great for us.

the Asiatic lions avoided us
the meercats were missing
(all except the guard meercat)
the pandas were procrastinating
the penguins were perfect
the pygmy rhinos were perfect
the sun bears were stupenduous
the tigers were timid
and the zebras..
well,  they were just zebras



  1. Awe what a shame you didn't get to see the pandas, we managed it last time we were in Edinburgh (I love the city too), they are amazing, such beautiful animals.
    Love your little cushion, I have never watched Bright Eyes, I love bunnies too much to watch it, I would probably be traumatised!
    Don't get me started on the staff at Belfast International, I think their wages depend on the sale of plastic bags!!!!!
    V xxx

  2. glad you had a great time in Edinburgh. I really like your pin cushion especially the bunny tails and the blades of grass. I heard of someone who smuggled a needle on board in the spine of a book..i used to love knitting on flights ....but no more!

  3. Adorable bunnies and a great story! Watership Down always makes me cry. That cake looks yummy and penguins are my favourite :) Thanks for linking to le challenge!

  4. thanks for sharing your story. The bunnies are so cute :-)

  5. What a great story!!! Sounds dramatic to have to give birth at 30 weeks - mine was overdue my 11 days, definitely well formed baby, despite being skinny (as you know he has totally caught up on that front!!). Thanks for sharing all of it on le challenge!

  6. Penguins are perfect. I agree. Love your stories.x

  7. Sounds like a fab weekend and loving the monkey sign. Hope I get weekends like that with the girls when they are older.


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