Friday, 14 March 2014

Order! Order! - March Le Challenge

Don't the months trip round very quickly, I can't believe how quickly each month's challenge comes around. And each month it just seem to be appropriate for me to join in. Order was made for me.
Not that I am organised or ordered in the slightest. I just  happen to be married to someone who is.
When we got married I was seriously worried about this, but over the years Alan has mellowed and I have got marginally tidier. Marginally.

One of my many hobbies is genealogy, or as my family call it "talking to your dead people". I love talking to my dead people, they don't give me much cheek back fortunately, though sometimes it would be good but pretty scary if they answered my questions. One of the things that genealogy involves is lots and lots of bits of paper. I find out all sorts of snippets of information and write them on little bits of paper, I print out little bits of paper from the internet, and I have umpteen notebooks on the go, all simultaneously - well 4 notebooks. The big blue one, which is too big to take anywhere but the record office or work for lunchtime internet searching then various little ones which travel to various graveyards etc. The upshot of all this is I have loads and loads of work done, but no system. And yes I have a computer program, but paper is nicer and easier. My husband has decided it is time for me to write all this down, not just the tree with names and dates, but the anecdotes. The stories about my great granny having a cure for impetigo and warts, the stories about Alan's granny laying out the dead and assisting in births. The story about my great great great uncle in law being a king's messenger. That my 5 times great grandfather dropped dead in the street and his children all had to go to work in the mill. If anything happens to me it will all go in one big skip and all that important knowledge (?) will be gone forever. Hence, my new windows surface, a Christmas present, and yet another notebook. Which leads me to the March Le Challenge and "order".

I tried for a random joining of the fabrics, but they accidentally ended up quite ordered, which, my daughter says makes the random one look missewn. See, I can be ordered. When I want to. And, just in case you think I am making this all up - this is my box of important family stuff, not including the photos and bits and pieces of documents I have scrounged from family. This is just my bits of paper, or as my husband refers to it "bits of crap". I know when he retires he is itching to get in into one arch binder. And he will.

Today has been a lovely day all round, Anne (a good friend) took me to a fabric shop, Windmill fabrics, that was new to me. I got some more red for my medallion quilt and some owly fabric. They had some other teal parkland/critter fabric whose name I have forgotten,. I didn't buy it but a should have, another journey perhaps. Anne then took me to Lisbane old post office for lunch. It was gorgeous. Best to read Lisbane old post office into yourself, it sounds totally different when read aloud.

All the best
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ps, just noticed I have put the cover on the book upside down. Ah well, it would also be better with the script embroidered rather than inked, so off it comes.


  1. I think your book cover is very cute. I love to research dead people as well so I know what you mean about paper and more bits of paper LOL

  2. I'm sure talking to dead people yields some very interesting facts!!
    Where is Windmill fabrics, Helen, always good to know another fabric shop! ;)
    V x

  3. The cover is lovely, and as another disorderly person - I sympathise!

  4. You have many interesting hobbies......I don't know how you have time. I too am very disorganized.......I'd love to be orderly but just cant seem to do it!

  5. I really enjoy your blog. Love your ancestor stories. You should write them on a quilt. Big writing, small writing. Could work. Hope you enjoyed the rugby. I am sure you did.

  6. Lovely book cover and snap, I'm not very organised, but my other half is. I love reading about the other hobbies people have besides sewing....bit nosey!

  7. Love the cover, and love the 'talking to your dead people' comment! Thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  8. ok that did freak me out a bit but relieved you're documenting history! A great idea and a lovely way to save those interesting stories! Thanks for linking up to le challenge!

  9. well done for getting a start on being organised.... or just making a notebook cover! It turned out great

  10. Such a great idea Helen!..Your book cover looks lovely and I always feel safer when things are written down on paper...they somehow seem much more personal too...x
    Happy Wednesday!
    Susan x


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