About Me

Well, how about ME? My name is Helen and I live in the United Kingdom. This blog was intended to be a fun diary of the things I like to do - sew, knit, read, bake, garden, drink wine. I love chasing up my dead relatives as my family put it, or genealogy as it is officially known.  However, it has mostly evolved into a quilting and reading diary. Fine by me!

I have always knitted and sewn and most importantly read. I grew up in a house where spending time being creative was regarded as important to self well being. And ... if you were bored .... well go and read a book, a magazine, anything.

I have tried to carry that through my life and pass this on to my three children and nieces and nephews. Whether or not I have succeeded, time will tell you.

And where did Midget Gem Quilts come from? My boyfriend, now husband, used to tell me I was his midget gem. I reminded him of the little brightly coloured sweets, sort of mini wine gums. He still, on a very rare occasion, calls me his midget gem.